January 26, 2016


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FD Donates Fire Vehicle to Oneida County Origin & Cause Fire Investigation Team

Upon learning that the Oneida County Department of Emergency Services was looking for a multi-purpose vehicle for the county fire Origin& Cause Fire Investigation Team and for Emergency Responses for disasters, on January 12, 2016 the Woodgate Fire Department voted to donate a retired fire vehicle to Oneida County.  The truck has only 9,000 miles on it and remains in excellent condition.  The truck was purchased with grant funding several years ago, according to Woodgate Fire Chief, Anthony Sege.  “We first thought to try to sell it, but when we heard the Origin and Cause Team needed a vehicle we decided to donate it instead”.

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente said that the donation saved the taxpayers money and enables investigators and responders to help the public better than before. “Investigators on this vital volunteer team should have all the tools necessary to investigate fires.” 

Picente went on to say “All of our first responders do an outstanding job and we continually work to make sure they have access to better equipment and additional training to keep them as safe as possible. The County offers additional training including an attack digital training package, technology equipment upgrades as well as a state of the art records management system just to name a few.”  

According to Fire Coordinator Kevin Revere, the donation came at a great time.  “The current vehicle was in need of an upgrade. Having this truck will definitely enhance our response not only to fire investigations, but other events such as floods and major planned events”.  

Oneida County Arson Task Force Chairman Ed Schmidt said that after some minor adjustments the truck will be ready for service.  Chairman Schmidt said the donation was “A great step forward in the battle against arson in Oneida County” and praised the Woodgate Fire Department’s forward thinking. 

Photo note: L-R Woodgate Fire Chief Anthony Sege, Deputy Fire Coordinator Doug Dean, Woodgate Fire President Bill Rockhill, Director of Emergency Services Kevin Revere, Arson Task Force Chairman Ed Schmidt.

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