Oneida County Department of Planning

GIS Services/Mapping Resources

Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division within the Herkimer-Oneida Counties Comprehensive Planning Program provides digital mapping and spatial database management/creation services within the two county region.

For example, the GIS division performs such tasks as spatial and 3D analysis, geocoding, global positioning system (GPS) data collection, and spatial database maintenance. In order to provide these services, the GIS division incorporates many different types of data. These frequently include orthocorrected digital imagery, digital tax maps, street centerline data, sewer and water infrastructure, and various environmental datasets.

The GIS division is able to combine various databases and present them as valuable information for a number of government and community based applications. These include economic development, agricultural district mapping, sewer and water infrastructure modeling, road and traffic analysis, parks and trail inventory, and much more.

The use of GIS technology within Oneida and Herkimer Counties has helped stimulate interdepartmental and community cooperation. This makes for a more efficient work environment and allows decisions to be made based upon the most up to date and accurate information available.

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