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Coroner/Autopsy Report Request

Autopsy/Coroner Report Requests 
The information contained in an autopsy report is not public record and is treated as a confidential medical record. Please see below for instructions on how to request reports. 

NOTE: If the case is a homicide or still under criminal, active investigation, a report cannot be released without permission from the District Attorney’s Office. 

Authorized Requestors: 

  1. Legal Next-of-Kin
  2. Attorneys and Insurance Companies

1. Legal Next-of-Kin (in descending order of authority):
You must be the legal next-of-kin in order to obtain an autopsy/coroner report. The final report is available at no charge to the legal next-of-kin (if record is older than 5 years, a pre-payment of $25.00 is required). 
Legal next-of-kin is listed below in the descending order of authority. Please do not submit a request for reports if there are surviving relatives that come before you in the list below: 


Spouse/domestic partner (legal spouse/domestic partner of the decedent, whether estranged or separated, but not divorced) and/or appointed executor of estate; then, 


Decedent’s adult children (excluding step-children); then, 


Parents of decedent; then, 


Sibling of decedent (including half-siblings); then, 


Sibling of decedent’s parents; then, 


Grandparents of decedent; then, 


Descendant of grandparents of decedent; then, 


Great-grandparents of decedent; then, 


Descendant of great-grandparents of decedent

TO REQUEST A REPORT: IF you are the legal next of kin as stated above, please do one of the following: 

  • Fill out our onlineAutopsy/Coroner Report Request Form and you will be emailed a copy of the report when completed in a confidential email. 
  • Download, Print and Mail or Print & Fax 
    a signed completed Autopsy/Coroner Report Request Form to: 
  • Oneida County Clerk Office
    Attn.: First Deputy
    800 Park Avenue
    Utica, NY 13501
    Fax 315 798-6440 

2. Attorneys and Insurance Companies:
TO REQUEST A REPORT: Requests must be emailed to 
Please send email requests on company letterhead and from a company email address with full signature block (including name of requester, title, agency name/address, email and phone). All requests must include a signed release from the legal next-of-kin. 

Reports will be sent from the secure email address from the Oneida County Clerk; please be sure to check your spam folder. NOTE: Examination report(s) take approximately 90 days to be completed and may take longer if additional testing and review are required by the medical examiner. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How long does it take to receive a copy of an autopsy report? 
Autopsy reports are available in approximately 90 days from the date of the autopsy. The report may take longer if additional testing and review are required by the medical examiner. Every effort is made to complete the autopsy report in a timely manner. 
Q: Are autopsy reports releasable under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)? 
NO, pursuant to New York Public Officers Law, Article 6, Sections 87.2.(a) and (b) and Section 89.2.(b)(ii), autopsy reports are not subject to FOIL requests. 

Q: Where can I get the death certificate? 
The Onondaga County Clerk’s Office does not issue copies of death certificates. The completed death certificate is filed by the funeral service provider. To receive copies of the death certificate, please contact the funeral service provider who coordinated the services for your loved one.  


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