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Land (Deed) Recording

All fees related to a recording must be made payable to the ‘Oneida County Clerk’


Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, cashier check, or credit card. We accept all major credit cards.


The following is a current Land Records fee schedule for the Office of the Oneida County Clerk.



Statutory Recording Fee                                                        $45.00

Per Written Side of Page                                                       $5.00/page

Form TP-584 Filing Fee                                                         $5.00

          (NYS Transfer Tax Form)

State/County Transfer Tax                                                     See Below

Form RP-5217 Filing Fee

          (Real Property Transfer Report)

                        • Residential and Agricultural Property Class:                   $125.00

                        • All Other Property Types (Code 300 and above):            $250.00

Required Form:

If you know which kind of Deed best suits your needs (Warranty Deed, Quitclaim Deed, Bargain & Sale Deed, Referee’s Deed, etc.) and you’re comfortable drafting the Deed on your own, you can obtain a Deed at a stationary store that sells legal forms or you can download one on the internet.

Otherwise, we’d recommend you consult a real estate attorney to have a new Deed drafted.

Required Tax Forms:

          TP-584 and Instructions

          RP-5217 and Instructions

          IT-2663 and Instructions (for Out-of-State Sellers)


Important Notes:

          All deeds submitted to the Oneida County Clerk must include a legal description of the property, along with a copy of the full deed.

It is required that both the Grantor(s)’ and Grantee(s)’ full names and physical addresses be on the document along with their original, notarized signatures.

** There is not to be any white out, nor redaction on the document. Should an error need correction, we recommend a new deed be drawn. In the event a new deed cannot be produced, we ask that the error be crossed out with a single line and initialed by the corrector. **

If any of these requirements are not fulfilled, the Deed will be rejected due to noncompliance.




Statutory Recording Fee                                                       $45.00

Per Written Side of Page                                                       $5.00/page

Per Document Cross-Referenced                                           $0.50 each

NYS Mortgage Tax                                                                See Below




Statutory Recording Fee                                                        $45.00

Per Written Side of Page                                                       $5.00/page

Per Cross-Reference                                                              $0.50 each*

          (Mortgage, Consolidated Mortgage, Correcting Mortgages)

*Note that each mortgage constitutes one cross reference. For example, if three (3) mortgages (recited in the Discharge) have been assigned and consolidated by one Discharge, then three (3) cross references will be charged. ($1.50 in addition to Recording Fee)




Statutory Recording Fee                                                        $45.00

Per Written Side of Page                                                       $5.00/page

First mortgage Cross-Referenced                                           $0.50 each

Additional Mortgage Cross-Referenced                                 $0.50/each



Transfer tax in Oneida County is $4.00 for the first $1000.00 of consideration, then $2.00 per $500.00 of consideration thereafter. This is broken down as 50% each to New York State and Oneida County.



Mortgage tax can be computed by calculating 1% of the mortgage amount. The 1% tax is divided as follows: Basic Tax = 0.5%, Special Additional Tax = 0.25%, Additional Tax = 0.25% (minus $25 if the property is a 1-2 family dwelling).

If an exemption is claimed for the Mortgage Tax, the mortgage must be accompanied by an affidavit. This affidavit should state the exemption, and must be signed and notarized. Exemptions apply to federal credit unions and privately held mortgages, where this exemption is for 0.25% (representing the Special Additional Tax), and to government agencies where the exemption is for the entire 1.00%.

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