Oneida County Sewer District Info And Facilities

Sewer District Info & Facilities

The Oneida County Sewer District was formed in 1965 through an act by the former Oneida County Board of Supervisors. It is administered by Oneida County through the Oneida County Department of Water Quality and Water Pollution Control, which is responsible for the operation and management of the District’s facilities and personnel.

District facilities include 45 miles of interceptor sewers, two main pump stations (Sauquoit Creek Pumping Station and Barnes Avenue Pumping Station), and the County Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP).

The District serves the municipal wastewater treatment capacity needs of 15 municipalities.

  • The City of Utica
  • The Village of New York Mills
  • The Village of Yorkville
  • The Village of Whitesboro
  • The Village of Oriskany
  • The Village of New Hartford
  • The Village of Clayville
  • The Village of Holland Patent
  • The Town of Whitestown
  • The Town of New Hartford
  • The Town of Paris
  • The Town of Marcy
  • The Town of Deerfield
  • The Town of Frankfort
  • The Town of Schuyler
  • Oneida County Business Park (and former Airport) whose sanitary sewers are owned directly by the County.

Service Area Map

The WPCP was constructed in 1968 as a regional wastewater treatment facility. The County WPCP treats wastewater from the municipalities throughout the County, although these municipalities own and operate their own collection systems. Wastewater from the City of Utica (City) is combined sewage, while wastewater from regions other than the City includes sanitary sewage and extraneous infiltration and inflow (I/I). The WPCP is designed and operated to accept sanitary sewage, I/I, and combined sewage.

The WPCP is completing a major upgrade that will provide 65 MGD dry weather treatment capacity and 111 MGD wet weather treatment capacity.


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