The Employment Division is committed to the philosophy that the best way to succeed in the job market is to join it and develop work habits and skills on the job. By coordinating with our local BOCES, Working Solutions Career Centers, community agencies, as well as the disability community, the Employment Division is able to provide a wide range of job seeking and retention activities.

Temporary Assistance applicants and recipients along with SNAP recipients are referred by their eligibility examiner to either the Utica or Rome DFCS Employment Division office to work register. Case managers in the Employment Division work to meet State and Federal requirements while individually tailoring an Employment Plan to the talents and needs of the recipients.

When an individual who is in receipt of Temporary Assistance obtains a job, the Employment Division case manager continues to work with the individual, assisting with any difficulties he or she may have until the individual is earning enough of an income to have the Temporary Assistance case close thus insuring a smoother transition towards financial independence. When the Temporary Assistance case closes due to excess earned income, transitional services are available such as Medicaid, SNAP, Daycare, and community referrals to meet the family’s needs.

If you are in receipt of Temporary Assistance and have not been referred to meet with Employment Division staff, please contact your examiner. If you have recently closed your Temporary Assistance case, or have questions about transitional services, please call the Utica Employment Division located at 800 Park Ave. Utica, phone (315) 798-5015 or Rome Employment Division located at 300 West Dominick St. Rome, phone (315) 356-2841.

Phil Martini

Director of Employment & Daycare



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