The Oneida County Office for the Aging and Continuing Care Bill Payer Program was originally developed by AARP and is now provided by RSVP through 50 Forward - Parkway. The program is designed to ensure that people 60 and over are able to maintain their independence in the community by improving participants’ control over their monthly and planned expenses. Some seniors may struggle with budgeting bills and regular expenses, especially if the person is having vision issues or difficulty writing out checks. Other people may want someone to help them who is not a family member. The Bill Payer program allows people 60 and over access to a trained Volunteer who can assist in the process of managing bills on time, organizing billing cycles, and budgeting 1 bank account for the participant. Participants make their own decisions and choices about when to pay bills and how to prioritize expenses. The trained Volunteer can help balance the checkbook and reconcile the account with the participant.

The trained Volunteer is NOT a Representative Payee, MAY NOT become your Power of Attorney, WILL NOT contribute his/her own money.

To learn more, or to see if you qualify, call today: (315) 798-5456.

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