Community Sanitation

  • Temporary Residences: The Temporary Residence inspection program at hotels, motels, and cabin colonies emphasizes fire safety for the protection of the traveling public lodging at facilities in Oneida County.

    Hotels, Motels and Cabin Colonies
  • Swimming Pool/Bathing Beaches: The major focus of swimming pool inspections is on pool supervision, lifeguard requirements, life-saving equipment, general pool safety, chemical treatment, and the proper operation of filtration equipment and maintenance. 

    Swimming Pools
    Bathing Beaches
  • Campgrounds: Inspections of campsites include reviewing proper site spacing, shower and sanitary facilities, food service protection, the quality and operation of on-site drinking water supplies, and adequate sewage disposal systems.  Where bathing facilities are provided, emphasis is placed on waterfront supervision, designated swimming areas and safety equipment.

  • Children's Camps: Major emphasis is placed on ensuring that each camp provides an adequate number of trained, qualified staff, and waterfront safety and supervision.  Attention is also focused on food service protection, adequate safe housing, proper sewage disposal, adequate garbage storage facilities, and safe, sanitary water supplies which meet State Sanitary Code standards.

    Children's Camps

        Migrant Farmworker Housing

        Tanning Facilities

        Agricultural Fairgrounds


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