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Children & Youth Mental Health

Oneida County Department of Mental Health’s Children & Youth SPOA is charged with planning, monitoring and overseeing the children’s local system of care. The Department continues its efforts to promote collaboration and support to children and youth, families, county departments, provider agencies, schools and other service systems. Oneida County Department of Mental Health’s Children & Youth SPOA commits to improving access to care, identifying high-needs youth, and managing intensive services while delivering a family-driven, least-restrictive approach. The SPOA regularly communicates with state systems regarding changes to the behavioral health framework for children and youth. Youth in Oneida County in need of mental health services that extend beyond what community based providers can assist with can be referred to the Children & Youth SPOA. 

Services offered through Children & Youth SPOAA include:  Health Home Care Management, Intensive Home Based Services, and Intensive Case Management. One of SPOA’s goals is to keep children at home with their families whenever possible. Children’s Residential Services can be explored with the family during extraordinary circumstances. The Children’s SPOA referral and instructions may be accessed through the link below. For more information or assistance with a referral, please contact one of the staff from the Department of Mental Health’s Children & Youth SPOA.

Dawn Piccione

Child and Youth SPOAA Coordinator

Oneida County Partners