Oneida County Department of Weights & Measures

Pricing Accuracy

What you as a Consumer Need to Know

Pricing Accuracy, What Does It Mean To Me?

Whenever you make a purchase in Oneida County, you are guaranteed to be charged the correct price for the items you buy. But, in the event that you are charged an incorrect amount, you need to know what rights you have under the law and what you need to do to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

Pricing Requirements - A Retail Store Shall:

  • Display the retail price of each stock-keeping unit (food and food products) offered for sale, either on each unit or on shelf tags or signs located directly above or below or immediately adjacent to every stock-keeping unit or group of stock-keeping units of the same brand size and price.
  • Assure that the price charged after the final total has been determined is equivalent to the retail price.
  • If a UPC scanner system is used to determine the price charged, provide the appropriate inspection official access to the checkout system in use at such retail store to verify the price charged for items included in a pricing accuracy inspection. Access shall be provided to the system either in normal operating mode, in training mode, or through a hand-held or other device tied to the store's database.

Consumer Responsibilities - A Consumer Shall:

  • If you believe that you have been charged an incorrect price for an item, notify the manager of the retail store and allow the store to make any necessary corrections on the spot.
  • Notify the Oneida County Weights & Measures Office of all pricing errors. This will enable inspectors to make sure that the problem you encountered is not repeated to others.

Remember: Honest mistakes do happen from time to time but it is your job as a smart consumer to make sure that you are not taken advantage of.

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