Oneida County Department of Planning

Local Transportation Planning Assistance Program

HOCTC‘s Local Transportation Planning Assistance Program (LTPAP) provides funding for local governments to prepare community-based transportation and land use plans consistent with the Going Places Long Range Transportation Plan 2040.  LTPAP projects provide access to transportation planning and engineering expertise under the Unified Planning Work Program 2022-2023 (UPWP).

Studies in Progress

As part of this program, HOCTC has two transportation projects in progress. To support this initiative, HOCTC used an open competitive RFP process to obtain professional transportation planning consulting services for two LTPAP projects: City of Rome (W Chestnut St.) and Town of New Hartford (Kellogg Rd.). The projects commenced November 2022, with an estimated completion date of August 2023.

The Safety and Complete Streets studies will analyze corridor existing conditions and identify alternatives to provide safe, attractive, and comfortable access and travel for all users of the road. Using a complete streets design approach, the studies will consider the convenient access and mobility on the road network for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation users. The studies will result in a preferred corridor design profile, based on a representative public input process that provides a clear implementation strategy to improve transportation operations, improve safety for all roadway users, and accommodate future growth and development.

LTPAP - Kellogg Road, New Hartford

Kellogg Road (Oneida County Route 26) in the Town of New Hartford has been identified as a local roadway of concern due to concerns related to operations, safety, and stormwater management. This study area includes a look at Kellogg Road from Oxford Road (western terminus) to the Oneida Street intersection (eastern terminus). Kellogg Road is a 0.6-mile road that serves as a connector between residential and commercial areas and the state roadway network and is situated in the Sauquoit Creek Basin floodplain. Development has created access management issues, created unsafe conditions for non-motorized users, and adversely impacted the natural flow of stormwater runoff.

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LTPAP – West Chestnut Street, Rome

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