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Welcome to the Office of the Comptroller of Oneida County.


The Department of Audit and Control performs the duties specified for the County Comptroller in the Oneida County Charter (Article IV), i.e. records all transactions for the County, maintains a fixed asset system, audits and processes payroll and vendor disbursements, and manages all note and bond sales.

During the 24 year tenure of Comptroller Joseph J. Timpano, Oneida County has maintained an A credit rating with the 3 major credit rating agencies. In 2009, Oneida County was the first municipality in New York State to issue Build America Bonds (BAB’s) and Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds (RZEDB’s) to finance infrastructure projects. These types of bonds significantly reduced the County’s cost of borrowing because of the high interest subsidies provided by the federal government. Under his leadership, Oneida County has refunded $92.3M in bonds for cash savings of $6.2M in principal and interest payments and has closed 237 capital projects, reducing bonded debt services payments by $5.9M.

In recent years, the Department of Audit and Control has initiated various system upgrades, including the implementation of a new payroll system and a new general ledger package. These new programs provide enhanced reporting capabilities for use by management in tracking accounting data for a workforce of more than 1,400 people. In addition, continuous upgrades are made to computers, printers and related office equipment to ensure the uninterrupted and efficient operation of the department.

Audit and Control is now located on the 5 floor of the Oneida County Office Building. The new offices provide a friendly and professional atmosphere in which to serve the residents of Oneida County.

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