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Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr.

The Oneida County Government is a leader in providing effective and efficient services to meet the needs of our people while also creating a growth-oriented business climate.

Welcome to Oneida County!

When Central New York was the frontier of America, Oneida County was on the leading edge of growth and innovation. With our high-tech and highly-skilled workforce, Oneida County is still the leader, offering high-growth opportunities in technology, logistics, advanced manufacturing, precision aircraft repair, and research.

Combine this with first-class arts and entertainment options, many distinguished colleges, and the close-knit spirit of our small communities and you have an outstanding quality of life that makes living here productive and gratifying.

  • We value quality workmanship and initiative.
  • We have pride in our rich community heritage and history.
  • We are committed to making the government work on behalf of the people so that our communities flourish.

Please use our site as your gateway to exploring our government and departments so that we may be of service to you. If you have a need or question not fully addressed on this site, please contact the appropriate department or email my office for the best solution.

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