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Emergency Planners In Inclusive Communities (EPIC)


EPIC's mission is to promote inclusivity in emergency planning through education, training, and collaboration. We empower organizations to develop comprehensive emergency plans that are inclusive of disability and access and functional needs. 

Our goal is to enhance resilience by promoting an inclusive whole community approach to emergency management. 



Key Components


  • Emergency Plan Review
  • Site Visits/Plan Walk Through
  • Tailored Training Opportunities


  • Quarterly meetings
  • Access to Web-based Community


  • Table Top Exercises
  • Full Scale Exercises

Community Education

  • Community Awareness and Education
  • Community awareness and education presentations are available and are suitable for elementary,
  • high school, and college age level groups, as well as all other community organizations.
  • Stop the Bleed training and certification is available upon request.
  • Please use the contact form below to inquire about training and educational presentations.

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