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Restitution is ordered by the court when there is a victim of a crime requiring compensation in some form as a result of the crime committed. In many cases restitution is ordered:

  • When an Offender steals property or money from an individual or business
  • When property is damaged
  • Medical bills are incurred
  • A third party such as a bank or insurance agency are required to pay the victim due to the crime and actions of the Offender

When restitution is ordered there is a surcharge assessed to each restitution order, generally 10% but in some cases it can be as little as 5% depending on the sentencing judge. For example, if the restitution amount requiring payment to the victim is $1,000 the total amount demanding payment to Probation (assuming a 10% surcharge) would be $1,100.

Restitution payments are made directly at the Oneida County Probation Department and then the victim is written a check by our Restitution Clerk and all records of payments made are kept at the Oneida County Probation Department.

If an Offender is ordered to pay restitution and given a sentence of Probation supervision the Offender will be required to pay the entirety of the restitution balance PRIOR to the expiration of their Probation term or a violation of Probation will be filed against the Offender which may result in a term of incarceration, the term of Probation suspended until the balance is paid, or possibly both outcomes could result.

**Court fines and or fees are NOT paid to the Probation Department as they are statutory and imposed by the court. Court fines and fees are to be paid to the court directly. Probation will not accept payment for either of these penalties.

*Important: the Probation Department will NOT accept any restitution payment in cash over the amount of $100.

All payments made in excess of this amount are required to be  in the form of a money order, a cashier’s check, or major credit card ONLY. If paying by credit card and would like to make a payment on-line you can visit: - it should be noted a 2.75% surcharge of the amount paid or a flat fee of $2.00, whichever is greater, will be charged to your account for servicing.


If you are currently on Probation and have a question regarding your restitution balance or concerns about the restitution payments made, contact your Probation Officer directly as all correspondence and questions regarding your case MUST be made to either the Officer assigned or their direct Supervisor.

If you are a victim and would like to know the status of the restitution balance or if you are Offender WITHOUT  a Probation Officer you may contact our Restitution Clerk.

Dora Colon

Restitution Clerk

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