Oneida County Health Department

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division evaluates and monitors health hazards affecting county residents and visitors. We enforce Public Health Law and the New York State Sanitary Code. We also oversee the plan review for new facilities we regulate as a health department, and respond to complaints regarding public health.

Environmental Health Community Sanitation

Community Sanitation

Inspections of different community locations regarding maintenance, cleanliness, and safety.

Environmental Health Food Protection

Food Protection Program

Food safety and good sanitary practices continue to be the focal point for all food service inspections.

Environmental Health Indoor Air

Clean Indoor Air Act

Pursuant to New York State Public Health Law Article 13-E, the Oneida County Health Department will enforce the Clean Indoor Air Act by means of a complaint-driven progressive enforcement process and a graduated fine scale as described herein.

Environmental Health Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lead Poisoning is the perfect predator. It is silent, it is all around us, it doesn’t discriminate. And all too often, we end up paying the ultimate price: Our children.

Environmental Health Water Supply

Public Water Supply and Sewage Program

The Environmental Health public water supply division is responsible for the oversight of approximately 155 public water supplies in Oneida County.

Environmental Health Vector Borne Disease

Vector Borne Disease Surveillance

Mosquito surveillance is conducted each year from June through September.

Environmental Health Rabies


A virus that affects the brain and leads to death unless treated soon after exposure.

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