STOP DWI In Oneida County

STOP DWI In Oneida County

Providing a plan for coordination of county, town, city, and village efforts to reduce alcohol-related traffic injuries and fatalities.


The Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated (STOP DWI) was established by New York State Government on July 31, 1981. This law became effective on November 28, 1981, and provided the return of monies for drinking and driving violations to the counties in which they occurred, provided those counties established a STOP-DWI Program. The Oneida County STOP-DWI Program was established in December of 1981. A plan is prepared yearly and is approved by the County Executive, Board of Legislators, and New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Previous research has indicated that the most effective method of combating drinking and driving is to use the general deterrence model. This model gives priority to arresting those who drive while under the influence of alcohol, swift adjudication of individual cases, certain and severe punishment for those convicted, and publicity for the arrest and prosecution efforts.

Key components of the Oneida County STOP-DWI Program include:

  • Selective enforcement units patrol at peak hours in high-risk areas.
  • Dedicated officers within the Oneida County Probation Department are responsible for the coordination of all DWI cases, along with assisting with the Victim Impact Panel.
  • A Victim Impact Panel. This aggressive sentencing initiative paints the real picture of what Driving While Intoxicated can do. Victims of drunk driving crashes speak directly to sentenced DWI offenders. The defendant's attitude and behavior are modified by showing the pain that someone's decision to drink and drive has caused.

Community and Awareness Education

Community awareness and education presentations for all interested groups. Programs are available and suitable for elementary, high schools and college age level groups, as well as all other community organizations.

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