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Business Certificate (DBA)

Business Certificate (DBA) Instructions

Please note the following: Requirements & regulations are set forth in New York State General Business Law (sec.130).

  • If the name requested is already in use or is misleading to the public the Clerk may refuse to accept it for filing.  Proper forms are required and there is a filing fee of $25.00 (cash only).  We recommend that you take two certified copies.  Save yourself the trouble of coming back and take two with you.  There is a $5.00 (cash only) charge for each certified copy.
  • All signatures must be notarized.  The Clerk's Office has notaries on staff.  Make absolutely sure the name used and other information given are exactly what is desired before filing.  Once filed, the DBA cannot be changed without filing an Amended Certificate and an additional $25.00 (cash only) will be required.  Once filed the $25.00 (cash only) is nonrefundable.
  • If and when the DBA is no longer needed you must file a Discontinuance of Business --- no fee is required.
  • Sales tax information or number, if needed, are obtained at the Department of Taxation & Finance in Utica on the 9th floor of the State Office Building.  Obtain State tax information by phone at #1-800-225-5829 or Federal tax information at #1-800-829-1040.
  • The filing of a DBA in the County Clerk's Office cannot, in any form be construed to be a license of permit to operate a business.  Before filing a DBA you should make a complete investigation as to whether or not there are any restrictions or regulations set forth by the town or village governments.  Make sure there are no problems as to location, type of business, license requirements and any other issue that could affect your choice.  Each individual is responsible to explore all requirements needed.  We suggest that you do that before you file your DBA.
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