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Grandparents & Kinship Caregivers


Are you raising your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, or other relatives under the age of 18?

  • Did you know that, according to the U.S. Census, over 4.9 million children in the United States are being raised in grandparent-headed households? Other kinship caregivers are caring for an additional 1.9 million children nationwide.
  • Whether the absence of a parent is due to illness, incarceration, neglect, child abuse, military leave or some other reason; kinship caregivers have their own special set of problems and responsibilities. The issues of education, healthcare, and economic hardship are just a few.

  • With information and support many obstacles can be conquered or avoided altogether.

Spotlight on Kinship Care

Children's Bureau Express, September 2022, Vol. 23, NO. 7
This issue of Children's Bureau Express highlights kinship care and how placing children in need of out-of-home care with relatives can help them maintain connections to family, community, and culture. This month's message from Associate Commissioner Aysha E. Schomburg features the lived experience of a kinship caregiver that addresses the importance of providing support to families who take in the children of relatives. This issue also includes valuable resources for professionals and the families they serve.

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See also a new podcast series from the Children's Bureau, Advances in Supporting Kinship Caregivers.

Respite Voucher Program  

Respite Vouchers are available for informal kinship caregivers and caregivers of people with chronic conditions of ALL ages. This is a Caregiver Directed Program allowing caregivers to hire providers of their choice as well as how and when respite is delivered.

Program Coordinator: Rebecca Hyde 
Phone: (585) 287-6392

To have an application sent by mail please contact: Kristine Lawrence please include caregiver name, address, phone number, and email address.

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