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Climate Smart Communities

Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is a New York State program that provides free technical assistance and grants for local governments to take action towards increasing energy efficiency. Registered communities have made a commitment to act by passing the 10-point CSC pledge. To go beyond the pledge, communities can become certified by completing and documenting actions that improve energy efficiency at the local level. There are 363 registered and 94 certified communities in New York State.  Becoming CSC certified provides the County the ability to increase resiliency and energy efficiency. Oneida County is working toward a Bronze Certification.

The adopted the New York State Climate Smart Communities Pledge for Oneida County is comprised of the following 10 elements: 

  1. Build a climate-smart community. 
  2. Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action. 
  3. Decrease energy use. 
  4. Shift to clean, renewable energy. 
  5. Use climate-smart materials management. 
  6. Implement climate-smart land use. 
  7. Enhance community resilience to climate change. 
  8. Support a green innovation economy. 
  9. Inform and inspire the public. 
  10. Engage in an evolving process of climate action

Visit Climate Smart Communities Website

Clean Energy Communities

This program was launched in 2016 and administered through the New York State Energy and Research Development Agency (NYSERDA) to assist local government agencies in reducing energy consumption. This program includes a set of 10 High Impact Actions that encourage local municipalities to reduce energy use and use clean energy, saving Oneida County money and creating local employment opportunities. The CEC offers the opportunity for grants as actions are completed and provides coordinating assistance.

Visit Clean Energy Communities Website

Oneida County has completed the following High Impact Actions:  


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