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About Oneida County

It was once the linchpin connecting the western fur trade and developing agricultural settlements of the east throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, Oneida County remains the critical center of New York’s economy, evolving as cutting-edge industries are planted down for the region’s peaceful and lively surroundings and lush cultural diversity.
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Welcome To Oneida County

Most people stay and many come back. Could it be our unique, beautiful location at the foothills of the Adirondacks? Our nationally-ranked schools and competitive athletic programs? How about our approach since post-Revolutionary War times of developing new industries of the day and helping them flourish?

We believe in our neighbors and want us all to make a mark. We have embraced countless families and individuals from hundreds of different countries to help them start a life in Oneida County. And they, like those of us who have been here for generations, have spread the word. We are right where we’re supposed to be.


March 15, 1798 - The New York State Legislature to forms Oneida County.


Named after the Oneida Indian Nation, one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois League.


Residents living in Oneida County.


Businesses as of 2019.

How We Grew, How We’re Growing

It takes a village – actually, it takes a county – to fiercely support and cultivate our region’s diverse communities and many ventures for the betterment of all of us who choose to live here.

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200+ Years of City History

Following the Revolutionary War, New England farmers who had traveled and fought along the Mohawk River came back to clear and settle this more promising land.

Famous For Lively City Sports

Home to The Boilermaker – the World's Best 15K Road Race – the region also draws enormous crowds for its constant rotation of professional sporting events.

Discover Our Lovely & Vibrant County

You’re not missing out, you’re just getting started.

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