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Oneida County Flood Mitigation Grant Program

The Oneida County Flood Mitigation Grant Program is a local program created in response to recent devastating flooding events allowing communities to rebuild stronger and safer. Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. created the Oneida County Flood Mitigation Grant Program in 2017 and the Oneida County Board of Legislators continues to allocate funding for this vital program. While we cannot prevent natural disasters, there are steps communities can take to develop in a way that does not exacerbate the impacts of severe storms.

The Oneida County Flood Mitigation Grant funding can be used for a variety of projects including bank stabilization, infrastructure rightsizing, flood plain restoration, etc. Grant applications need a local match, which can include in-kind labor and equipment or other state and/or federal grant funds. Successful applicants can receive funds with a 50/50 matching grant funds from Oneida County for projects under $100,000 in value and 75/25 match for projects over $100,000. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with decisions on funding for successful projects is expected in winter.

If your municipality has a project that may be eligible for an Oneida County Flood Mitigation Grant, please start the grant writing process now. Contact the Oneida County Planning Department and staff can answer questions on the application process, match requirements, key steps, the deadline, review criteria, and approval timeline.

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