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The Oneida County Department of Weights and Measures is dedicated to promoting a fair and equitable marketplace for both the buyer and seller. This is accomplished through enforcement of Article 16 of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law and Parts 220 through 224 of the New York State Code of Rules and Regulations. At least once a year, all commercial weighing and measuring devices are inspected and tested for both accuracy and proper use and operation. Highly accurate field standards are used to test commercially used scales, meters, scanning equipment and packages at supermarkets, delis, gas stations, fuel oil companies and feed mills just to name a few. With our program, consumers of Oneida County are assured they are receiving fair and accurate measure of commodities they have purchased. In addition, businesses have a non-biased third party to verify the accuracy of their devices and equipment, insuring fair competition.

  • Look for the weights & measures seal on all devices that you use while shopping. The seal indicates that the device has been inspected by the Department and was performing correctly and within the applicable tolerances.
  • Oneida County Weights & Measures participates in the New York State Petroleum Quality Program. Throughout the year, gasoline and diesel fuel samples are obtained from randomly selected filling stations and sent to a contract laboratory for testing. The samples are then examined for compliance to ASTM standards as adopted by New York State that include octane ratings and must also meet EPA and DEC clean air requirements.
  • Oneida County Weights & Measures enforces the Oneida County Pricing Accuracy Law. This law requires accurate shelf or item price markings on individual items of food and food products offered for retail sale in Oneida County. See the link below for a copy of the Pricing Accuracy Law and Inspection Policy.
  • This department routinely investigates consumer complaints. If you have a complaint, you may contact this office. Contact information is provided on this page. Please remember to leave your name and a phone number where you can be reached.

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