Oneida County Department of Planning

Oneida County 911 Addressing Standards


911 addresses are assigned by the local addressing authority. Oneida County Department of Planning is the authority for all municipalities within the county. Applying addressing standards allows for a more consistent assignment of addresses for structures and properties. Addressing standards help reduce the amount of time dedicated to assigning addresses, manage customer and staff expectations, and prevent inconsistencies within the addressing database. This document is designed as a reference and serves to provide county staff, developers, and property owners the addressing standards for residential properties, commercial properties, and other situations in which an address is necessary for permitting or utility meters.

Addressing Concepts

Address Numbering

Addresses for structures will be comprised of a numerical House Identifier (the House Number) followed by the combined street identifier. The House Identifier or House Number will be comprised of Arabic numerals, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0. All ten numerals will be applied in accordance with a structure’s location along a block range.

Odd House Numbering: Main house numbers ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) are generally used on the north side and west side of streets.

Even House Numbering: Main house numbers ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) are generally used on the south side and east side of streets.

Additional refinement for locating a residence or business may be provided by the assignment of a specific identifier for a building, unit, or suite. These identifiers may be comprised of letters, numbers, or a combination, as described in the body of this document.

Distance between Structures/Lots and Address Assignment

House Numbers are assigned by a standardized system using an addressing interval of 40 feet depending on the existing addressing in each municipality. The interval distance is measured from the starting point of each roadway. An address would be assigned approximately every 40 feet from an existing driveway to allow room for growth and future addressing.

911 Addressing reserves the right to assign addresses by an increment that is consistent with the subdivision being addressed or existing neighboring plans.

Address Changes

A change of address may be initiated by a property owner or the 911 Addressing office. A 911 initiated address change occurs when an address poses an emergency service response delay for the property owner or surrounding neighbors. 911 Addressing is notified of these issues by emergency service providers, property owners, and county staff. If the existing address meets one or more of the following criteria, an address change will be initiated:

  • Out-of-sequence with the neighboring addresses.
  • An odd address on the even side of the street.
  • An even address on the odd side of the street.
  • A duplicate address.
  • Property is incorrectly using an address assigned to another property.
  • Property is accessed from a different street than the address in use.
  • There is no space between house numbers for forthcoming development.
  • The street name has changed or an easement has been named.

All 911-Initated address changes are reviewed by the 911 Addressing office and the Addressing Committee prior to authorizing the address change. The Addressing Committee is composed of representatives from departments and agencies who have experience and a vested interest in maintaining accurate addressing information.

Private Drive/Access Easement Naming Criteria

In order to name a private driveway or an access easement, the following criteria must be met:

  • Site is not an apartment complex.
  • Site is not an office park or complex.
  • There must be a minimum of three primary residential structures.
  • There must be four or less units per structure.
  • Must have multiple properties abutting the easement.

Named private driveways will be assigned an address range and structures along the private driveway or easement will be assigned a main address. The new name used must be unique to the municipality in which it falls. Redundant names will not be accepted.

If the access easement does not meet the Private Drive/Easement Naming Criteria, the easement itself will be assigned an address based on the access location along the street range, and all structures accessed off the easement will be assigned a building number.


*In cases where access to an E911 address is accessed through private property, Oneida County does not imply that trespass through private properties is admissible. The appropriate easements should be in place before requesting an E911 address.

*Receipt of an E911 address from Oneida County spatially identifies your address location. Receipt of an E911 address does not guarantee you will receive emergency services upon calling 911. There is no implied expectation that emergency service personnel will be able to access your location.

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