The Resource Division consists of two units: Resources and Investigations. Each unit has specific duties, but their common goals are to reduce or eliminate the need for services and recover funds for the various programs within Social Services.

Resource Unit

The Resource Unit evaluates assets declared by Temporary Assistance applicants/recipients. Our objective is to ensure that all resources are utilized in order to reduce/eliminate the need for assistance. Assets include but are not limited to: life insurance, stocks/bonds, 401k accounts, vehicles and bank accounts. The Resource Unit assists clients in applying for Unemployment Benefits, Workers’ Comp and Disability as an alternative to Temporary Assistance.  The Resource Unit also pursues recovery of overpayments on closed Temporary Assistance cases.

Unit Location Phone Number

Utica Resource Unit

(315) 798-5744

Rome Resource Unit

(315) 356-2830

Investigation Unit

The Investigation Unit recovers funds that individuals received but were not entitled to. This Unit investigates complaints of welfare fraud and misuse of funds/programs. Once the evidence is obtained, criminal or civil prosecution is pursued in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Office.

Unit Location Phone Number

Utica Investigation Unit

(315) 798-5055

Rome Investigation Unit

(315) 356-2971

Burial Assistance

Burial Assistance can be requested through the Funeral Home of the family’s choosing.  The funeral home has the application that is necessary to apply for burial assistance and they will in turn contact the Oneida County Resource Division to determine eligibility. The Burial phone number is (315) 731-3408.

Tricia O’Dell

Resource Consultant

Oneida County Partners