Oneida County Probation Department

Oneida County Probation Department

Working dutifully and tirelessly for Offender accountability.


The primary mandate of the Oneida County Probation Department is to ensure public safety and to monitor the behavior of its assigned Offenders. The most important issue for this department is to work dutifully and tirelessly for Offender accountability.

This means providing competent and professional supervision of adults and juveniles who have been either convicted or adjudicated of a crime. The purpose of this accountability and supervision is to maintain strict control of the Offender’s actions and to ensure their compliance with the conditions of their Probation.

  • We also provide guidance and directives for Offender rehabilitation. It’s our sincere desire that both objectives be achieved: public safety from Offenders committing new crimes and encouraging and promoting genuine rehabilitation for the Offenders.
  • Our goal is to encourage and support the Offenders to become meaningful members of our local community and promote positive and law-abiding behaviors.
  • Our programs include PRE-PINS Diversion, Pre-Sentence Investigations, Court Ordered Probation Supervision, Community Service, and more.

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