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Highway Department


Oneida County does issue formal permits for all driveways on County Roads. Property owners are required to fill out the Driveway Permit Application.

Blank Driveway Permit


The Oneida County Highway Department requires permits for property owners, contractors or utility companies performing work within the county right-of-way.

Blank Right-of-Way Permit

Both a driveway permit and a work permit may be applied for through the mail or printed from this site. Completed applications can be mailed or emailed:

Oneida County Department of Public Works        
5999 Judd Road
Oriskany, NY 13424

For questions or additional information, please call 315-793-6200.

Reporting Dead Animals

You may call the highway department at 315-793-6200 ASAP. to pick up a dead animal only if they are within the right of way on a county road.  This is typically not a high-priority task and work crews will respond when there is an opening in their schedule.

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