Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Program, administered through the NYS Office of Community Renewal (OCR), provides assistance to municipalities for community development and resiliency. Oneida County partners with Mohawk Valley EDGE for the Economic Development portion of CDBG to provide assistance to businesses by promoting employment opportunities, primarily made available to low-and moderate-income individuals.

There are three funding activities: Economic Development, Small Business Assistance, and Microenterprise grants that can be awarded through Oneida County to businesses. Economic Development and Small Business grants are awarded to for-profit businesses to create or retain employment, primarily for low-and moderate-income individuals. Microenterprise grants are awarded for the creation and development of businesses with 5 or fewer employees to promote employment opportunities to low-and moderate-income individuals.

Recent CDBG Economic Development Projects

2024 Microenterprise Grant Program

  • Application submitted on 04/05/2024

2024 CDBG Oneida County Microenterprise Grant Program Application

2021 CARES Small Business Assistance and Vaccine Outreach Grant Program

  • 16 businesses assisted

  • 176 full-time equivalent positions retained

  • 6 full-time equivalent positions were created

2021 Economic Development Program

  • One business assisted with an expansion project

  • 8 full-time equivalent positions were created


2021 Microenterprise Grant Program

  • 6 businesses assisted

  • 8 individuals assisted

  • 2 jobs created

CDBG – Housing Rehabilitation 

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) for housing rehabilitation are one of the most common community development programs administered. Oneida County partners with the Home Ownership Center to administer grants to low-and moderate-income residents. The goal of CDBG Housing Rehabilitation is to provide affordable and safe housing at an increasing rate. This program is highly flexible. Oneida County has recognized the need for current home rehabilitation within the County and focused efforts on ensuring current homeowners are living in safe conditions.

Recent CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Projects

2023 Housing Rehabilitation Grant Program

  • Application approved on 12/14/2023

2019 Housing Rehabilitation Grant Program

  • 14 low-and moderate-income, owner-occupied, single-family households assisted


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