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Oriskany Creek Watershed Commission

The Oriskany Creek Watershed Commission (OCWC) is made up of a group of municipalities who are signatories to an Oriskany Creek Intermunicipal Agreement. The main purpose of the OCWC is to provide a forum for enhanced communication among watershed municipalities so they may discuss and address issues related to watershed management, flooding, recreation, quality of life, stormwater management, land use, development, and other similar water resource topics.

Powers and Duties

  • The overall responsibility for and supervision of the construction, operation, maintenance, management of, and repayment of indebtedness incurred for approved projects.
  • Commit to forming a permanent entity which will take responsibility for continuing to operate, maintain and manage activities in the basin which will further the structure and role for a future watershed management entity.
  • Arrange for services and budgets necessary to construct, operate and maintain projects that are agreed upon and funded by the Commission.
  • Apply to governments and other agencies for financial and other aid including loans or grants that may be available for projects.
  • Provide for the enforcement of its rules and regulations.
  • Hire its own personnel or contract with any of the municipalities or governmental agency for provision of personnel services, use of equipment, use of supplies, etc.
  • If needed, the Commission can designate a single municipality to execute documents, pay personnel, formally let bids, and any actions that by law must be conducted by a governing body of a municipality and by law may not be conducted by or delegated to the Commission.
  • An agreement to make highway, non-highway, and specialty equipment available on an “as needed” and “as available” basis for use by other municipalities in the Oriskany Creek Watershed.

Commission Information

Representatives and Participating Agencies

Name Location Email

Elizabeth Tantillo  

Village of Clinton

Jonathan Scott 

Town of Kirkland

Chris Burtch

Village of Oriskany

Ruben Ostrander

Village of Waterville

Dave Glenn

Town of Whitestown

Colleen Baldwin

Town of Marshall 

Bill Fredericks

Town of Sangerfield

Ken Eisnor

Town of Westmoreland 

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