June 12, 2018

Picente Statement On Senator Bonacic’s Rushed Sports Betting Bill

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I’m very disappointed in Senator Bonacic’s statement today while attempting to rush a gaming bill through both chambers of the legislature. Comparing Native Americans to illegal betters is wrong on every level. At best it is factually incorrect and at worst it is coded racism in an attempt to discredit the partnerships communities like mine have built with Native Americans, like the Oneida Nation.

It would behoove the Senator to understand that since the 2013 historic settlement agreement between the Oneida Nation, Oneida and Madison County and the State of New York over 60 million a year has flowed to the state of NY. Oneida County has received on average 16 million a year that has allowed us to not raise the property tax levy in 5 years while investing in education, public safety, arts and culture as well as rebuild our infrastructure.  This proposed legislation could put this funding at risk. 


Oneida County Partners