October 20, 2020

Picente Statement on School Sporting Events

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“To be clear, the rules for how school sporting events are conducted are established by New York State, not Oneida County, and we are bound to follow and enforce whatever is directed. At no time has my office directed that spectators not be allowed at school sporting events, nor could we or would we ever set our own regulations on how these events should be attended.

“Due to confusion with the state guidelines set forth on this matter, my office has received many inquiries from school districts and parents about what is and isn’t allowed. In today’s Mohawk Valley Regional Control Group call, state officials acknowledged that the language used in the school sporting event guidance is flawed, and we are awaiting direct clarification.

“Until we receive that official word from the state, I am advising that school-sponsored sporting events limit their spectators to two per player until further notice, while following all of the social distancing and face covering rules that apply.”

Oneida County Partners