February 27, 2020

Picente Statement on FEMA Appeal Denial

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Once again the people of Oneida County have been slapped in the face by FEMA and its inept and callous process. I am disgusted that Governor Cuomo’s appeal of FEMA’s denial of individual assistance for our residents who were devastated by the Halloween flood has been rejected. It is indefensible that our federal government refuses to come to the aid of people who through no fault of their own find themselves homeless and in financial ruin.

Oneida County has allocated tens of millions of dollars in individual assistance and municipal clean-up and will continue to do everything in its power to assist our people in their time of need, including working with our partners in the affected communities to devise long-term solutions to mitigate flooding. I also urge Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature to work with us to provide a municipal buyout program to end the suffering of those who have continually had their lives upended and are looking for a way out.

Oneida County Partners