March 30, 2012

Picente: Deadline Near For Business Owners To Seek Funding To Address Losses from 2011 Severe Storms

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Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. today urged local business owners who suffered damages in two severe storms of 2011 to contact the Oneida County Department of Planning as a first step in a process that could result in funding to address damages caused by Hurricane Irene and/or Tropical Storm Lee. The money is being made available by the New York State Office of Community Renewal.

“We know that the damage to many small business people was extensive, and we are aware that insurance does not always cover all the costs of damage that may have taken place,” Picente said.  “We are encouraging business owners who may have discrepancies between what was covered by insurance and other assistance and the damage that was caused to their business to apply.”

Business owners must initially fill out a needs assessment and must later provide appropriate documentation for losses not covered by insurance and or other assistance. The assessments must be completed by April 3rd. To begin the process and determine eligibility, contact Regina Venettozzi at the Oneida County Planning Department. The number for the Planning Department is (315) 798-5710. Venettozzi can be reached by e-mail at

“We have a short window to initiate a claim for funding operated through the state,” Picente said. “I strongly encourage business owners who think they could have a successful claim to take the first step before the deadline passes.”

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