September 1, 2015

Picente Announces County Parking Lot Project Has Begun

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New Configuration Will Increase Downtown Utica Parking by Creating 178 Additional Spots

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr, announces the parking project for the Oneida County Office Building’s, located at 800 Park Ave in downtown Utica, outdoor parking lot has begun.

The parking project aims to alleviate some downtown parking concerns in and around the downtown Utica County campus. The current parking lot has 323 spots and street parking is routinely used by employees and those traveling to the County Building. 

County Executive Picente said “With an increase in the number of people coming downtown including State and County employees or people doing business with the State, County or Court System parking has been a concern.  We saw this opportunity to make this campus and downtown more parking friendly and so we have made an investment to do just that.”

The new parking project will cost $2,830,000 and create an additional 178 spots on the campus. 262 spots will be for county and state employees and 113 spots will be for the general public. Currently the campus has 15 public spots. With the additional public and employee parking street parking will also be alleviated and become more readily available for private residents and visitors.

The project will be completed in 5 phases and will be a complete reconfiguration of the campus including new entrances and traffic flow as well as new landscaping.  The project, which broke ground on August 31st, will be completed by 7/18/16

“When looking at county government we aim to be responsive and customer friendly.  There has been a longstanding need in Utica to create additional parking and this project is another step in the right direction.  Residents and visitors to the City will benefit as well county employees” added Picente.

In 2014 the county invested $500,000 with the Upper Mohawk Valley Memorial Auditorium Authority to create additional parking behind the Historic Utica Memorial Auditorium that created an approximately 270 spots.  In total over the past two years the County has created approximately 448 spots in the City of Utica. 

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