April 21, 2022

Picente & Board of Legislators Unite to Save County Drivers Over 20 Cents per Gallon on Gas

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New Resolution Caps County Sales Tax at $3 per Gallon

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. has proposed, and the Board of Legislators has approved, a new resolution that caps the county’s gas sales tax at $3 per gallon beginning June 1, saving its drivers a total of over 20 cents per gallon.

“Skyrocketing inflation is having a devastating impact on the budgets of working families throughout Oneida County,” Picente said. “According to the Consumer Price Index, increases of gasoline, shelter and food were the biggest drivers of inflation in March, with gasoline accounting for more than half of that surge. Our residents need help. I applaud the Board of Legislators for acting swiftly on this resolution so that we can provide them some much-needed relief.”

Per the resolution — which was proposed by Picente and unanimously approved by the Board at a special meeting Thursday — the county will suspend charging its 4.75% sales tax share over $3 per gallon on all regular, mid and premium unleaded and diesel gasoline. The tax cap will go into effect on June 1, 2022 and end on November 30, 2022.

With the current average price being $4.26 for regular unleaded gas in the Utica-Rome area according to AAA, that provision would save county drivers approximately six cents per gallon. Combined with the temporary sales tax suspension that was adopted by New York State as part of its 2022-23 budget — which equates to about 16 cents per gallon — drivers in Oneida County stand to save approximately 22 cents per gallon.

“Oneida County residents are feeling the strain of increased costs for essential goods, especially at the gas pump where prices have increased significantly,” said Board Chairman Gerald Fiorini,-R-7. “After the challenges of the last two years, our families deserve all the relief we can provide.”

The county’s gas tax cap resolution will now be submitted for approval to the New York State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance.

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