Oneida County Parking Garage

Oneida County Parking Garage

Scheduled to open in March 2024, Oneida County’s $55.8 million, 530,000 square-foot parking garage facility will adjoin MVHS’s Wynn Hospital in downtown Utica.

The five-level parking facility will accommodate 1,330 vehicles, with approximately 1,050 spots being dedicated to the needs of the hospital and 280 available for general public use such as the Adirondack Bank and Nexus Centers. The ground floor, as well a roughly half of the second floor, will offer public parking to those visiting the hospital or other downtown destinations. A portion of the ground floor will also be reserved for visitors to the emergency room. The remainder of the second floor, as well as all parking on the third, fourth and fifth floors, will be dedicated to hospital staff parking.

Situated between State, Oriskany and Cornelia streets, the post-tensioned concrete structure will have multiple entry points for public and staff parking. It will also feature a climate-controlled pedestrian corridor that connects the main entrance of the hospital to the ground floor of the parking garage. A heliport that will serve the hospital’s emergency transport needs, will be located above the last parking level on the top of the structure.

Included in the 1,330 parking spaces are 45 parking spaces accessible to those with disabilities and 69 electric vehicle charging spaces. The building’s electrical service is sized to accommodate a capacity of 280 EV charging stations in the future.

The parking garage will contain five elevators located strategically to serve both the hospital main and emergency entrances, as well as the Adirondack Bank Center, Nexus and other local destinations. The exterior will be clad with precast concrete panels that features lighting along Oriskany Street that can be programmed to coordinate with downtown events.

The facility is currently scheduled to be completed in Summer 2024.

Oneida County Parking Garage Concept Oneida County Parking Garage Concept Oneida County Parking Garage Concept Oneida County Parking Garage Site Plan
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