Oneida County Biosolids Handling And Incinerator Upgrades

Biosolids Handling / Incinerator Upgrades

Contract C-2: WPCP Solids Handling Upgrades

Project Highlights

  • New anaerobic digesters.
  • Energy recovery (600 kW).
  • Expanded to 1,000 kW with $1.2 million grant received in 2021.
  • Power production for 25% of WPCP demand.
  • Additional heat recovery.
  • Decommissioned incinerators.
  • Septage receiving facilities for outside waste, including food waste from OHSWA.
  • Miscellaneous upgrades to thickeners and dewatering.

ENERGY SAVINGS (1): $550,000 per year in electricity. $60,000 per year in natural gas.
(1) – Value of energy produced by the microturbines.

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