Oneida County Special Needs ASCEND Registry

ASCEND Registry

The Assistance for Special, Cognitive, Emotional Needs & Disabilities (ASCEND) program is a voluntary registry for individuals with a physical, mental, or developmental condition, and the caretakers of such individuals. The registry, which is only accessible to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and 911 Call Center, allows first responders to be aware that the individual who they are responding to has a pre-existing mental health concern, developmental disability, health condition, or has a religious or cultural consideration.

The goal of this program is to ensure that all Oneida County residents who have special needs can get the support and resources that they need in a time of emergency or during an interaction with law enforcement, fire, or EMS personnel. Your application serves as a tangible toolkit that the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office can access to provide a more efficient and safe response during an emergency and to pursue its mission to safeguard life, property, and public order.

Individuals enrolled in the ASCEND program will receive two (2) window decals that can be placed in the window of the enrollee’s home and/or vehicle. Placement of these decals assures that when first responders approach your vehicle or household, they are better prepared to respond in a manner that considers your individual needs.

How to Apply

Oneida County residents interested in registering for the ASCEND program on behalf of themselves or a loved one are encouraged to submit a completed enrollment form and up-to-date photograph to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office at

Enrollment forms can also be submitted in-person at:

Oneida County Sheriff’s Office
6065 Judd Road
Oriskany, NY 13424


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