April 14, 2022

State Legislature Heeds Picente & Bono’s Call for Elimination of Fiber Optic Installation Fee

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As part of the New York State 2022-23 budget, the State Legislature has agreed to repeal the expensive fiber optic installation fee that Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. and Herkimer County Board of Legislators Chairman Jim Bono said was stifling broadband access in their communities.

“I am pleased to see that state lawmakers heeded our call and came to their senses on this irrational and restrictive fee,” Picente said. “With this unnecessary obstacle removed, Oneida and Herkimer counties can now move forward with the essential expansion of our broadband networks into underserved-areas. This will ensure that our communities are able to connect to online services and are afforded better opportunities to thrive and succeed.”

“The elimination of the permit fee of $20,000 per mile on New York State highways will have significant and positive impact on the build out of broadband in rural counties,” Bono said. “I applaud our state representatives and the Governor for listening to their constituents and counterparts on the county level. The rescinding of the fee will make it much more attractive for private investment and allow for more expansion opportunities for both of our counties.”

Established by Chapter 59 of the state laws of 2019, the state Department of Transportation was imposing a $20,000 per mile fee on fiber optics installed in state right of ways. Picente and Bono supported legislation that was introduced by Senator Michelle Hinchey (S.7494) and Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner (A.8287) that would eliminate that fee.

In a support letter to both law makers, the county leaders said that the fee was “imposing an unnecessary tax burden and dramatically increasing the cost of expanding access to broadband” and that “it makes no sense to invest state and local resources to leverage new wireline broadband expansion projects” with such an exorbitant fee in place.

Oneida and Herkimer counties have recently completed a broadband assessment and mapping study, identified projects and public and private partners, and are prepared to move forward to address the needs their underserved communities.

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