October 5, 2023

Picente’s 2024 Budget Proposal Carries No Increase to Tax Levy for Eleventh Straight Year

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County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. presented a 2024 proposed budget and capital plan to the Board of Legislators today that carried with it no increase to the property tax levy for the eleventh consecutive year.

“We have created a government that is responsive to our residents, our businesses and all of those who utilize our services, and we have done it without raising property taxes in 11 years,” Picente said. “A zero today is a continued commitment to my common sense, pragmatic, fiscally-conservative philosophy.”

The $529 million proposal is a balanced operational budget that appropriates $142 million in sales tax revenue, $23 million in Oneida Indian Nation revenue and retires $19 million in debt. The capital budget will bond for $15 million.

The 2024 budget invests in agriculture, public health and safety, tourism and technology, including:

  • $6.5 million to expand Cornell Cooperative Extension’s facility footprint.
  • $2 million to continue the success at the REA Wing at Union Station in Utica.
  • $2 million to bring the Utica Health Clinic into the County Office Building.
  • $1 million for technology upgrades for County government. 

As was the case last year, 90% of the 2024 budget proposal are mandated costs by New York State, while 10% is considered discretionary spending controlled by Oneida County.

In his budget address, Picente talked about the impact those state mandates and the terrible fiscal decisions made in Albany had on his proposal. 

“Governor Hochul and her administration, as well as her allies in the State Legislature, continue to foist more and more responsibilities and costs onto counties to accommodate their out-of-touch policies with no regard for reality or common sense, leaving us to clean up their mess,” Picente said. “If Albany would spend less time talking at us and more time listening to us, they may learn something about governing. It’s a simple formula to follow.  We don’t borrow more than we can afford. We don’t pass on undue tax burden to our residents. And we never mortgage our financial future. We strategically invest in our economic growth while tackling tough societal issues.”

The Board of Legislators will vote on the County Executive’s 2024 budget proposal at its meeting on Nov. 8, 2023.

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