October 21, 2011

Picente Urges Utica Residents to Plan Ahead For Upcoming Consolidation of 911 Services

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Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr., today urged Utica residents who will be impacted by the County’s operation of 911 emergency services to use the time prior to next month’s transition of 911 calls to the County to update their phones and directories with key numbers needed to contact the Utica Police Department.

“The changeover will provide trained, experienced and expert assistance to Utica residents who need emergency services,” Picente said. “However, it’s also important that we minimize non-emergency calls and Utica residents who need help know how to connect with their police department. It is imperative that residents of all communities dial 911 when there is an emergency of any kind, and when they need to contact the police for other business, are encouraged to use the numbers that connect them directly to the police.”

Picente said that the transition marks a landmark achievement for the City and County. “This change allows Utica to focus more of its public safety resources out on the streets, which is an important part of our efforts to improve public safety. This transition is also a major piece of cooperation that will result in the rendering of efficient services at a lower overall cost.”

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams said the Department has prepared cards listing key numbers and has distributed to them to employers and community groups in the city. “We want everyone to know the right number to dial so that they have this information well ahead of any time when they might need it,” said Williams.

Picente said that individuals who want to go on line for a copy of the card can access the Oneida County web site, www.ocgov.net. During the transition persiod, the card will be posted on the site so residents may print or download it.

Picente and Williams said the list of key departments and numbers includes the following:

Administration 223-3400

Booking 223-3467

Complaint Desk 223-3464

Crime Scene Unit 223-3571

Crime Tip Line 223-3555

Crim. Inv. Division 223-3510

Domestic Violence 223-3508

Narcotics 223-3540

Nuisance Abatement 223-3558

Parking Violations 732-7969

Patrol Division 223-3461

PBA 223-3591

Property Clerk 223-3423

Records Division 223-3425

Special Operations 223-3417

Traffic Unit 223-3468

Warrants 223-3580

Public Information Officer 534-1229

Professional Standards 223-3405

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