July 30, 2014

Picente To Announce Vision 2020 Full Report

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Vision 2020 Full Report Will Include Website Launch and Action Plan

In 2013 County Executive Picente created The Vision 2020 Initiative, a team chaired by MVCC President Randall VanWagoner and Oneida County Workforce Development Director David Mathis. Vision 2020 brought together stakeholders from all over the county to articulate an action plan to address the needs of a community preparing for a new economy. The first phase of this initiative focused on ensuring that Oneida County is responsive to emerging job opportunities and the needs of a growing workforce.

County Executive Picente said “Vision 2020 set out with the goal of creating an action plan that addressed three areas of interest — education and training, access to job opportunities, and the need for more diverse housing alternatives. It is an action plan to be ready for the next decade, the next opportunity, the next economy in the Mohawk Valley.”

Education and Training looked to strengthen our workforce pipelines to be stronger than ever and developed a strategy that leverages the strengths of our local schools and colleges with the demands of our growing business community.

Access and Opportunity Committee defined strategies to open the doors for all to the expanding economic opportunities in Oneida County. Oneida County is a diverse community and the County is committed to eliminating barriers to job access that may exist due to education, language, income or other challenges.

The Housing Committee analyzed the existing housing stock – considering type, location, price and other variables – to identify ways to promote housing development that will appeal to urban, suburban and rural living preferences.

Picente went on to say “This plan is already in action. This initiative has over forty specific tactics aimed to accomplish its goal of making Oneida County workforce ready. Some have already been completed and others are in progress. Today is just the beginning. Many have put in a lot of hard work and I thank them and ask them to continue with this endeavor as we prepare Oneida County for the future.”

The Vision 2020 Initiative is currently being implemented:
955 completed internships in 2014 (versus 470 in 2013)
New Dual Credit programs have been created: Emerging Technologies and Culinary Arts
New Articulation agreements in Automotive Technology and Certified Nurse Assistant
QUAD C internship series has been established
Nano Workforce Advisory Board structure and role created; formation of group in progress
Comprehensive report of ESL programs in Oneida County is complete.
Section 485-A Tax Exemption has been passed by Oneida County Board of Legislature.

The Vision 2020 Initiative will continue to execute the action plan announced today while beginning to look at the next phase of the project. In the early fall the County Executive will convene a symposium to discuss the impact of Vision 2020 with the community at large as well as gathering feedback while addressing areas not included in the initial phase.

The full version of the report is available on at vision2020oc.net

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