January 17, 2018

Picente Statement on New York State Executive Budget Proposal

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“Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget presentation is the first step in a process that will span months. I will continue to take a hard look at this budget and the ways it will affect Oneida County. We need see emerging details in all parts of this budget, including tax policy as we deal with the effect the federal tax bill will have on communities all across New York. The proposed changes in tax policy from income tax to payroll tax is one such policy that needs a closer look before a determination can be made.

One item of immediate interest to all counties is the Governor’s internet conformity tax. This is not only smart business but simply fair. Companies selling goods and services online are no different than those in brick and mortar who lawfully collect and pay sales tax to the state. This initiative will level the playing field for businesses trying to compete fairly in an open market system and I thank the Governor for working to push it forward.

I’m also pleased to see the shared services panels made permeant. We have to be committed to reforming how government operates. We can streamline functions and consolidate in order to provide better service at a cheaper cost to our taxpayers.

I will work with our legislators in Albany and the Governor to make sure certain outcomes are achieved that will assist with moving Oneida County forward in all aspects.”

Oneida County Partners