August 8, 2012

Picente Honors Utica Center During National Health Center Week

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Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. issued a proclamation to Regional Primary Care Network today in honor of National Health Center Week. Picente issued the proclamation to staff of the facility at their Utica Community Health Center office on Oneida St. in Utica.

The proclamation stated that, “America's community health centers are at the core of our health care system and the nation’s safety net delivering high quality, cost effective, and accessible primary care to all individuals regardless of their ability to pay, keeping communities healthy and productive.” It went on to say, “Regional Primary Care Network operates a community health center at the Utica Community Health Center, providing primary medical and dental care to residents of Oneida County, offering patient-focused, coordinated health care to families and individuals in need.”

The Regional Primary Care Network is a federally qualified health center that works to make sure that primary care services are delivered to those who may be poor or medically underserved. 

“The Utica facility is in an ideal location to provide treatment to many families, including many of our refugee families, who are far more likely to use a facility close to their homes to get the services they need to ensure good family health and also avoid costly emergency room visits,” Picente said. “From the perspective of community health, and also form the perspective of containing health care costs, the Utica center has been a valuable asset to the community and a partner with County Government.”

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