March 30, 2011

Picente Honors New York Mills Champions

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Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr. today honored the New York Mills State Championship Basketball team by proclaiming March 30th “New York Mills Champions Day.”

“The New York Mills High School Basketball Team represented the entire New York Mills School District community and all the people of this close-knit community with pride through their outstanding commitment to athletic excellence, a never-say-die attitude that put them at the top, a strong commitment to family and community, and a belief in the power of teamwork and hard work to achieve success,” Picente said. “Not only was this a team that posted a record of championship play, it was a team that conducted itself like a team of champions.”
“The New York Mills champions gave all of us something to be proud of. They were winners on the court, ambassadors for our community, and a living example of putting the team first,” said Oneida County Legislator Fred Sadallah. “I congratulate every student, every adult and above all every parent who – behind the scenes – sacrificed so that this team could succeed.”
Picente praised the leadership of the team and noted that in basketball, the success of the team is the result of all the coaches, assistants and players working as unit in pursuit of a goal. “We need to note the achievements of each individual, because each individual; gave of themselves for the sake of the team,” Picente said, noting the work on: Head Coach Mike Adey and Associate Head Coach Brian Adey, supported by Assistant Coaches Charlie Ferguson, Mike Keating and John Stevener and Managers George Albert, Nathan Hartman, Cameron Jennings, Casey Rice and Joseph Topa; Co-captains Jeffrey Albright and Fred Russ and players Nicholas Etienne, James Fellone, Shane Joswick, Jacob Kehrli, Cody Mariotti, Richard Matrassi, Jonathan Ross, Justin Stevener, Matthew Welch and Addison Wolanin.
“New York Mills has a long tradition of excellence,” Picente said. “New York Mills is a small school with a big heart, and that’s the reason the Marauders are champions.”
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