June 15, 2012

Picente, Bar Association Re-Dedicate County Courthouse; Portraits Unveiled of Five Oneida County Judges

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Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr., in collaboration with the Oneida County Bar Association, today oversaw the rededication of the Oneida County Courthouse upon the completion of a multi-phase, multi-year renovation project that totaled about $25 million. Picente and the Bar Association also held the unveiling of portraits of five judges from Oneida County.

“In a society where the rule of law is the ultimate foundation of our way of life, it is important that the respect and veneration of our democracy feels that the law is visible in our Oneida County Courthouse, and also that the administration of justice take place in facilities that are conducive to the dignity and solemnity in which we should hold our legal proceedings,” Picente said. “The Oneida County Courthouse is not only a monument to the time in which it was built, a time when the spirit of grandeur was part of our public buildings, but it is also a major historical property in downtown Utica. Just as the Bar Association, our judges and all of the members of our legal community are the stewards of the law, we in County Government are the stewards of this property, and I believe today we can proudly say the Courthouse is a worthy setting for our courts.

Elizabeth S. Fortino, President of the Oneida County Bar Association, said that the Courthouse rededication and the unveiling of the portraits of the five judges are important symbols of America, noting that the rededication takes place on Flag Day. “The laws and our system of justice are so vital to our American way of life, and the actions of our judges every day to take the laws on the books and apply them to the lives of the people of Oneida County are the way that our neighbors see the laws in action. Today’s ceremony celebrates not just the wonderful building or our distinguished judges, but this marvelous system in which all of us in the legal community are fortunate to work.

Morning ceremonies were highlighted by the unveiling of portraits of five Oneida County judges:

  • Honorable John W. Grow
  • Honorable Robert F. Julian
  • Honorable John L. Murad
  • Honorable Anthony F. Shaheen
  • Honorable John J. Walsh

Afternoon ceremonies featured remarks by New York State Supreme Court Justice the Honorable Bernadette Clark and the Honorable Robert F. Julian. After the ceremonies, the Landmarks Society offered guided tours of the Oneida County Courthouse.

The day’s events were led by the Courthouse Re-Dedication Committee, which included the following:

Hon. Anthony J. Picente, Jr.

Honorable Bernadette T. Clark, J.S.C.

Kenneth L. Bobrow, Esq.

Paula J. Eannace, Esq.

Frank J. Furno, Esq.

Elizabeth S. Fortino, Esq.

Bartle J. Gorman, Esq.

Lawrence W. Golden, Esq.

Kathleen Aiello, Chief Clerk

Also assisting in the event were: Diane Davis, Executive Director of the Oneida County Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Trial Lawyers Section, Accurate Court Reporting / VC Rooms, LLC, Regnier Interiors, Notre Dame Jr./ Sr. HS NJROTC, Holland Patent CS Music Dept., Nicole Sinacarco, Director, Frank J. Giruzzi, Esq., Advantage Abstract, Anne B. Hartman, Oneida County Director of Central Services and Staff of Oneida County Print Shop, Dennis Davis, Oneida County Public Works Commissioner, Ed Bell, Mike Careau and Staff of Oneida County Buildings and Grounds

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