August 14, 2023

Picente Announces Grant Award for Two-County Road Safety Plan

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Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. today announced a $415,969 grant award that Oneida and Herkimer counties will utilize to devise a road safety action plan. 

The Safe Streets and Roads for All grant will allow the counties to develop a holistic, well-defined strategy to prevent roadway fatalities and serious injuries focused on all types of users, by implementing projects, safety countermeasures, policy recommendations and high-impact improvements.

“Crashes on roadways have serious consequences,” Picente said. “This grant will allow our two counties, for the first time, to have a comprehensive safety plan that will reduce the risk to our residents and visitors. Our roadways must be safe for everyone who uses them, and this will lead to less injuries and fatalities, as well as the reduction of millions of dollars in taxpayer money for accident-related costs.”

The foundation of the plan will be a substantial safety analysis of existing conditions; systemic and specific safety needs; high-risk road features; demographics, including vulnerable and underserved communities; public health factors and the built environment.

It will engage a comprehensive data-driven process that is structured to include Vision Zero and Complete Streets leadership commitments, goal setting, advisory committees, public engagement, equity considerations, policy changes, strategy development, project identification and benchmarking methodology for reporting progress.

“We are working together with Oneida County and the Herkimer-Oneida County Transportation Council to make our roadways safe for everyone, including our first responders and emergency vehicles,” said Herkimer County Chairman Jim Bono. “It is essential that this step is taken now to support the continued growth of our two counties.”  

The program supports the National Roadway Safety Strategy of tasking a comprehensive approach to make our nation’s roadways safer for everyone, including drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and emergency and construction workers, by stressing responsible driving, safer roadway designs and appropriate speed-limit setting.

“We are developing a data-driven plan and analyzing existing conditions and safety needs, while engaging communities in both counties to develop goals, strategies and projects for implementation,” said Oneida County Planning Commissioner James Genovese. “Once complete, this safety plan and its implementation will save lives, prevent injuries and save residents money.”

Oneida County was the grant applicant on behalf of the two counties. They will partner with the Herkimer-Oneida Counties Transportation Council as grant administrators to further the regional commitment to roadway safety for all users. The total planning project will be $520,000 with the local share split 80% to 20% between Oneida and Herkimer counties.

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