October 3, 2011

Picente Announces Completion of Major Project At Griffiss International Airport

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Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr. today announced the opening of additional hangar space at Griffiss International Airport as part of Oneida County’s long-range plan to maximize the potential of the airport.

“The construction taking place at the airport to add hangars and other essential facilities has always been part of the plan to give Oneida County an aviation facility that can serve as a springboard to job creation,” Picente said. “My vision for the future of the airport is to use it as a unique regional asset that can maximize the potential of commercial, corporate, military and general aviation enterprises. Upgrading facilities is an important step to making that vision a reality.”

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer said, “I’ve long worked to deliver MAP funds to Griffiss, creating jobs for Central New York's top notch workers. By upgrading with new hangars, Griffiss will better accommodate existing employers and possibly attract new corporate, military or general aviation operations. These well-deserved MAP funds will help Griffiss and the region's economy take off into the future.”  

"The completion of Hangar 783 at Griffiss marks another important milestone in converting the former military base to a world-class general aviation airport," U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna said. “Griffiss is a major economic driver in our region and has potential to bring even more growth as we continue to transform this important asset. MAP funding has been critical in Griffiss' transformation and has provided tremendous benefits.  Griffiss has greatly benefitted from the MAP program and I will continue to support its eligibility so this great work can continue."

State Senator Joseph A. Griffo said “Expanding the hangar capacity will help more planes access the airport. A vibrant and accessible airport with quality facilities close by can contribute to a growing economy. As the airport grows, our region will become better equipped to attract companies, investment and job opportunities that could follow. Griffiss International Airport remains an important transportation hub for the Utica-Rome community and part of the efforts to transform our region into a corridor of innovation”

 “This project will help boost our efforts to work with businesses seeking to grow or relocate in the Mohawk Valley region,” said Assemblyman Anthony J. Brindisi.  “One of our strengths is our good transportation system, and these improvements represent a significant  upgrade to the Griffiss International Airport, which is one of our greatest assets for economic development.”

“The rehabilitation of Hangar 783 is an important part of our effort to make Griffiss International Airport truly a key component of our economic redevelopment and revitalization,” Mayor James F. Brown said today.  “The project not only enhances the airport’s ability to host commercial aeronautical businesses but makes the entire park more marketable.  We appreciate the cooperation between the Federal Aviation Administration, the county and the state to make this project a reality.  I applaud the leadership and vision of the county, particularly of County Executive Tony Picente, and look forward to seeing the impact of this renovation project on the airfield, the community and the region for years to come.”

As part of Oneida County’s commitment to upgrade Griffiss International Airport in order to work with existing and potential employers and create growth and economic opportunity, Oneida County leveraged federal and state funding to rehabilitate a facility known as Hangar 783,  an important project that can increase the airport’s ability to serve corporate tenants.

Renovation of the 28,000 ft hangar, formerly known as Nose Dock 783 when the county’s airport  was operated as Griffiss Air Force Base, was a $2.5 million project ($3.5 million below the cost of a new hangar) to rehabilitate an asset abandoned by the Air Force back in 1984. Design work on the project started in April 2010; construction began in November of that year.

Picente noted that 95 percent of the project is funded by federal Military Airport Program money, with the remaining share split between the county and state – amounting to $62,500 in county dollars. “I want to thank Congressman Hanna for his strong support of our efforts. All of our federal representatives have worked in partnership to support our airport capital plan, and we thank them all for their work on our behalf.”

The project, overseen by C&S, has created 30 construction jobs during the renovation period. Picente noted that contracts for the work went to mostly local contractors, including: General Contractor: R..E. Alexander, Marcy, $1,464,480;  Electrical Contractor: HUEN Electric, Syracuse,  $312,000; Mechanical Contractor:  Brandeles, Utica, $205,000; Plumbing Contractor: Savoy Joseph, Marcy, $239,745.


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