August 30, 2016

Picente Announces Completion of Major Flood Mitigation Project

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First of Two Projects Completed in the Village of Whitesboro, Both Projects Expense is $215,000

Today, surrounded by Representatives from the Village of Whitesboro and the Sauquoit Creek Basin Inter-municipal Commission, County Executive Picente announced the completion of a major flood mitigation project.

During the summer of 2013 and the flooding that persisted throughout the season tributaries to the Sauquoit Creek unleashed large amounts of water in turn causing flooding.  Elevated floodwaters at the Main Street Bridge in Whitesboro where a storm sewer line meets the creek damaged that pipe increasing the damage from flooding.  This project is aimed at alleviating the damage caused by these natural rain events. 

Picente said “We cannot stop weather events and natural disasters from taking place.  What we can do, and have done, is prepare our communities, businesses and families so we can mitigate the damage.  Today is another step in that process. This project will mitigate flood damage in a key area of the Sauquoit Creek Basin.”

County Legislator Bill Goodman, 13th District, added “With recent flood disasters both locally and around the nation, being prepared is a necessity for our citizens.  I commend the County Executive, my colleagues on the legislature and the hardworking people that completed this project.  People in Whitesboro are safer and their property is better protected because this project has been completed.  While it doesn’t mean a natural disaster such as a flood can’t happen again, it does mean that we’re making efforts to try to prevent serious damage.  The safety of our community and its residents is invaluable.”

The finished Whitesboro project included the realignment and replacement of a 20 inch metal stormwater sewer pipe with 40 feet of 36 inch reinforced concrete pipe, spanning from a sewer manhole on Main Street to the outfall location just north of the Main Street Bridge crossing of the Sauquoit Creek.  A splash pad was located at the outfall of the pipe. A concrete headwall, held in place by steel piling is constructed abound the outfall to protect it from erosion.  The bank was seeded to prevent further loss of material on the banks. In addition, there was minimal paving and replacement of the guardrail on the roadway.

The Town of Paris project consists of improvements to box culverts by filling in the pools with heavy stone and stabilize the banks of the creeks in turn decreasing the amount of sediment material that is transported to the lower reaches of the Sauquoit Creek.  The Whitesboro project would involve clearing debris that has washed into the storm system, realign and elevate the pipe to mitigate future flooding and backups.

Picente added “these are the type of major infrastructure projects that Oneida County must do. These types of projects protect citizens from flooding, safeguard homes and business as well prepare our area for economic growth.  When people want to know why fund balances, increased credit ratings and operating surpluses are important today is why. It allows your government to be an investor in the future of the region.”

Since the summer floods of 2013 Oneida County will have spent $715,000 enabling approximately $1.4Million in flood mitigation infrastructure improvement.

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