May 24, 2011

Picente Announces Appointments of Oneida County Assistant Fire Coordinators

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Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. today announced the naming of four Oneida County Assistant Fire Coordinators to help serve as liaisons between the Oneida County Department of Emergency Services and local volunteer fire departments, as well as to work with the volunteers on critical fire protection and fire safety issues.

“Across suburban and rural Oneida County, our volunteer fire departments are the backbone of many communities,” Picente said. “The system of Fire Coordinators helps each individual department in its efforts to maintain and improve techniques, to continually provide the best and most essential training, and to address communication and other issues that are important for smooth teamwork in the event of an emergency. These volunteers are trained, experienced leaders who will help Oneida County in its mission of protecting the public.”
Oneida County Fire Coordinator Kevin Revere noted that the Assistant Fire Coordinators each fill specialized niches. “We have a tremendous depth and breadth of expertise here in our local communities,” Revere said. “The people who will fill these posts have the experience that can help others, and the willingness to share their expertise.”
Picente and Revere announced the following Assistant Fire Coordinators and their area of expertise:
Training- Brian McQueen, former Chief of Whitesboro FD, former Director of the Fireman’s Association of NYS, 30+ year member of the Whitesboro FD, retired from the Whitesboro School system
Special Operations - Jared Pearl, NYS Police Sgt., member of the Maynard FD, member of the county Haz-Mat team
Public Education –Glen Block, former Chief of Oriskany FD, trainer for the Oneida County Fireman’s Association
Mike Carl – Communications, a nationally known expert in emergency communications, has clearance for access to all levels of local, state and federal radio communication.
Picente and Revere also noted that in addition to naming these four volunteers to their posts, that Oneida County is in the process of updating its Arson Control Plan, and has retained Joseph Luker, President of the New Hartford FD and a retired Lieutenant of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department assigned to the Police Academy, as a contractor to provide the necessary update and ensure that Oneida County communities continue to be protected against arson.


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